Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Non-Smoking Pachinko Parlors Gaining Ground

An increasing number of pachinko parlors are adopting non-smoking policies. In most cases this means the division of the shop into smoking and non-smoking sections, but some pachinko parlors are going fully non-smoking as well.

Lawmaker Questions Pachinko Industry’s Fitness for IR Casinos

Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Takashi Takai delivered a broadside against the domestic pachinko industry’s hopes of participating in IR casinos in a series of pointed questions submitted to the government on May 9, suggesting that they are morally unfit.

SBM Adds High-Class “Software” to Galaxy IR Bid

Jean-Louis Masurel, managing director of Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), the owner-operator of the Monte Carlo Casino and other major properties within the Principality of Monaco, minces no words in explaining why his storied European firm chose the Galaxy Entertainment Group as its Asian partner.

Kitahiroshima City Government Divided on IR Bid

In the nearly six months since the Heiwa Corporation first submitted its plan to build an IR in Kitahiroshima city, Hokkaido, the municipal authorities have yet to give a clear answer, and are said to be divided over the matter.

Bloomberry Unit Buys 300,000 “Reward” Shares

Bloomberry Resorts said one of its units has bought 300,000 shares to be used as “rewards” to loyal customers at its Solaire Resort & Casino in Manila.