Brown, Mark

    Company: Imperial Pacific International

    Family Name: Brown

    Given Name: Mark

    Role: Chairman

    Profile: Brown began his four decades in the gaming industry as a protege of Donald Trump, rising to become President and Chief Executive Officer of Trump Entertainment Resorts. He had later stints as an executive for Sands, Wynn, and NagaWorld before joining Imperial Pacific as its Chairman in 2014. He retired from that position in 2017, but was brought back out of retirement in November 2018 to help the company weather a series of major challenges.

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    The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands will discuss an application for four new junket operators today, together with a contract extension for Imperial Pacific International’s chairman.

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    It has been confirmed that Imperial Pacific International has now paid the remaining US$10.5 million which it owed to the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) in license fees, but the company is reporting financial losses in the first half of 2019.

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