Reeg, Tom

    Company: Caesars Entertainment Corporation

    Family Name: Reeg

    Given Name: Tom

    Role: Chief Executive Officer of Eldorado Resorts

    Profile: With a background in the finance industry, Reeg’s affiliation with Eldorado Resorts began in 2007. After a number of executive positions, he became President in 2014 and then shifted to Chief Executive Officer in January 2019. Six months later, an agreement was reached by which Eldorado would purchase Caesars Entertainment, and Reeg was slated to become Chief Executive Officer of the largest IR operator in the United States.

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    Caesars Entertainment built up one of the strongest ground games among the international operators campaigning for an IR license, but instability at the parent company in Las Vegas undermined the local team’s efforts, and has now caused the company to become the first major IR operator to pull out of the Japanese market.

    Caesars Entertainment May Revert Focus to the US Market

    Tom Reeg, chief executive officer of Eldorado, raised eyebrows among Asia observers by suggesting that the new Caesars Entertainment would be focused on the United States IR market, perhaps exclusively.

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    Eldorado Resorts has bought Caesars Entertainment in a deal worth, including debt, about US$17.3 billion, in a deal which creates the largest US IR operator.