Suzuki, Eikei

    Company: Kuwana City

    Family Name: Suzuki

    Given Name: Eikei

    Party: Independent

    Role: Governor of Mie Prefecture

    IR Stance: Unclear

    Profile: Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Suzuki’s early career was in METI. He left the ministry after only ten years to run as a Liberal Democratic Party candidate for the House of Representatives in 2009. He lost that election. However, two years later he ran for the post of Governor of Mie Prefecture and won, becoming, at age 36, the youngest governor in the nation.

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    The Mie Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry formally requested Mie Governor Eikei Suzuki on Monday to conduct research with an eye toward making an IR bid.

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    Mie Governor Eikei Suzuki, 44, is expected on Thursday to formally launch his campaign for a third term as Governor of Mie Prefecture. His victory is probably a political precondition for the city of Kuwana to make an IR bid, should the local municipality decide to do so.

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    Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura came under criticism this week for suggesting that the Nagoya IR might actually be located in neighboring Kuwana city—which also happens to be in neighboring Mie Prefecture.