Leong, Angela

    Company: SJM Holdings

    Family Name: Leong

    Given Name: Angela

    Role: Co-Chairman and Executive Director

    Profile: Leong is the fourth and final wife of SJM Holdings founder Stanley Ho. She has also been one of the most powerful figures in the company, and the main rival to Pansy Ho for control of the enterprise. Aside from her positions as co-chairman, executive director, and a major shareholder of SJM, she is also an elected lawmaker of the Legislative Council of Macau.

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    SJM Cotai Property to Provide Different Offerings than Competitors

    SJM Holdings Executive Director Angela Leong last week said that since SJM Holdings will become the last gaming operator to open a property in Cotai, the company will be aiming to provide differentiated offerings from its competitors.

    Pansy Ho Makes a Play for SJM Board

    Last Wednesday night, an alliance was formed between Shun Tak Holdings, a company owned by Stanley Ho, Fok Foundation, and three parties controlled by Pansy Ho with the aim of “advancing fundamental objectives” in relation to the STDM Group, and SJM Holdings.

    Stanley Ho Ends Era at SJM Holdings

    Stanley Ho, known as the King of Gambling, has formally retired from his post as chairman of SJM Holdings, ending a near six-decade career in Macau’s gambling industry.

    SJM Shifts Palace Opening Date to 2019Q1

    SJM has confirmed it is shifting the opening date of the Grand Lisboa Palace to the first quarter of 2019.