Ho, Pansy

    Company: SJM Holdings

    Family Name: Ho

    Given Name: Pansy

    Role: Largest Shareholder

    Profile: Pansy is a daughter of SJM Holdings founder Stanley Ho, who for decades held the monopoly of casino gambling in Macau, and the full sister of Daisy Ho and Lawrence Ho. She has become one of the most powerful of Stanley’s children, and may emerge as his main heir. She has major roles in Shun Tak Holdings, STDM, and MGM Macau, and is aiming for control of SJM Holdings. She has been accused of links to organized crime.

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    Last Wednesday night, an alliance was formed between Shun Tak Holdings, a company owned by Stanley Ho, Fok Foundation, and three parties controlled by Pansy Ho with the aim of “advancing fundamental objectives” in relation to the STDM Group, and SJM Holdings.

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