Mizohata, Hiroshi

    Company: Osaka City

    Family Name: Mizohata

    Given Name: Hiroshi

    Institution: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

    Role: President

    Profile: Beginning his career as a bureaucrat in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mizohata first became noted for his efforts to develop sports teams in Oita Prefecture. From 2010-2012 he served as commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency. Since 2015 he has headed up the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and has been a strong advocate for the concept of building an IR at Yumeshima.

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    Osaka Urged to Build Huge Conference Center at Yumeshima IR

    The ninth meeting of Osaka’s IR Promotion Conference was held on November 14, and it was agreed that the prospective Yumeshima IR should include an international conference center that can host more than 5000 people, which is nearly double the size of largest currently-existing conference center in the city and would be among the largest in Asia.

    Osaka’s IR Promotion Conference Delayed by Earthquake

    The June 18 earthquake in Osaka disrupted business throughout the Kansai region, also forcing the cancellation of the 8th meeting of the IR Promotion Conference, which was to be held that very evening. An official of the Osaka prefectural government tells AGB Nippon that a new date has not yet been selected, but it will likely be sometime in July.