Satomi, Haruki

    Company: Sega Sammy Holdings

    Family Name: Satomi

    Given Name: Haruki

    Role: President and COO

    Profile: The younger Satomi is the son of the company founder. Initially, Haruki did not intend to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined an investment bank, but in 2004 he joined Sammy (later Sega Sammy) and has risen to become the heir apparent.

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    Sega Sammy Preparing Budget and Consortium for Japan IR Bid

    Sega Sammy Holdings President and COO Haruki Satomi revealed at a briefing on April 26 that his company was budgeting up to 3 billion yen (about US$27 million) in funds in the coming fiscal year for Japan IR bid preparations and would likely reveal its consortium partners before March 2020.
    Kanto Region IR Consortium

    Sega Sammy Aims for “Top Share” in Kanto Region IR Consortium

    At a Sega Sammy Holdings management meeting held on November 30, President and COO Haruki Satomi revealed that his firm was aiming for the “top share” in any IR consortium to be built in the Tokyo-Yokohama region.

    Nikkei IR Forum Draws Large Audience

    The Nihon Keizai Shinbun’s high-powered IR Forum in Tokyo drew more than six hundred guests, not including the many others who reportedly had to be turned away by an excess of applications. The event brought together government officials, IR operators, analysts, and others for an intensive day-long event last Wednesday.

    Sega Sammy Seeks Future as Major International IR Operator

    Sega Sammy Holdings released its 150-page “Integrated Report 2018” this week in which, among other things, the company proclaims its intention to be “on an equal footing with world-famous IR operators” both domestically and internationally.

    Sega Sammy Consolidates Group Companies in New Tokyo Office

    The Sega Sammy Group is bringing together twenty of its group companies and about 6,500 employees into a centralized new headquarters building near Osaki Station in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

    Sega Sammy’s Haruki Satomi Speaks of IR Ambitions

    Haruki Satomi, president and COO of Sega Sammy Holdings, as well as the son of company founder Hajime Satomi, was interviewed on CNBC on May 4, speaking of his company’s IR ambitions.