Okada, Kazuo

    Company: Universal Entertainment Corporation

    Family Name: Okada

    Given Name: Kazuo

    Role: Founder and Former Chairman

    Profile: Okada rose to prominence as a manufacturer of slot machines and pachislot. In the early 2000s he worked together with Steve Wynn to establish Wynn Resorts, but later moved on to focus on his own casino project in the Philippines, Okada Manila. Not long after the doors opened on that crowning achievement, Okada was accused of misappropriating company funds and was dislodged from his position in the company that he founded.

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    Tokyo and Philippine Courts Reject Okada’s Appeals

    Courts in Japan and the Philippines have rejected legal appeals from billionaire Kazuo Okada, who is seeking to regain control over his former gaming empire.

    James Stern Talks Japanese Casino Security

    James Stern, the former executive vice-president of corporate security and investigations dismissed by Wynn Resorts in April, held a press conference in Tokyo in which he provided his views about the security needs of casinos in Japan once the first IRs open in the 2020s.

    Kazuo Okada US$1 Billion Appeal Against Wynn Macau Dismissed

    A Macau appeals court has upheld a ruling that sees Wynn Macau acquitted of a US$1 billion compensation claim made by Japanese gaming mogul Kazuo Okada.

    Kazuo Okada Fires Back Against Tiger Resort Officials

    Embattled gaming mogul Kazuo Okada has fired back against officials of Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Inc., accusing them of conspiring to remove him from his own company, local media reports.

    Kazuo Okada Maintains Innocence as Philippine Court Reaffirms Arrest Warrant

    Kazuo Okada has vowed to make use of all legal options to fight an arrest warrant laid against himself and the former president of Okada Manila, Takahiro Usui, in relation to fraud allegations, local media reports.

    Kazuo Okada Released from Bail in Hong Kong

    Japanese gaming tycoon Kazuo Okada announced on Friday he has been released from bail by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption, thus resolving one of his pending legal difficulties.

    Kazuo Okada Losing His Corporate Battle

    Casino magnate Kazuo Okada is on the verge of losing his bitter battle to regain control of the gaming business that he founded after a series of legal and business events have swung against him.

    Kazuo Okada Asks Philippine Stock Exchange to Block Listing of Tiger Resort

    Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada has asked the Philippine Stock Exchange to block a planned backdoor listing of Tiger Resort Asia, which owns and operates the US$2.4 billion Okada Manila.

    Universal Claims Okada Arrest Will Have No Impact on Okada Manila

    Universal Entertainment assured shareholders on Monday that the arrest warrant for Universal Entertainment founder Kazuo Okada will not affect its Philippines gaming operations.

    Arrest Warrant Issued for Kazuo Okada

    A court in Parañaque, the Philippines, has issued an arrest warrant for Universal Entertainment founder Kazuo Okada in connection with charges that he embezzled more than US$3 million from his own company.
    Tiger Resort, Leisure & Entertainment

    Universal’s Manila Unit Ordered to Refile Tender Offer

    Tiger Resorts & Leisure has been ordered to re-submit its tender offer to minority shareholders in Asiabest Group to disclose factual information about civil and criminal proceedings involving its directors in Hong Kong.

    Okada Ousted on Suspicion, Not Evidence, Says Son

    Tomohiro Okada, the son of casino mogul Kazuo Okada, has admitted that he had played a part in the removal of his father from their family-owned company based on suspicion of impropriety, rather than any concrete evidence.

    Universal Entertainment Makes Move Toward Japan IR Market

    Philippines-based Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment, operator of Okada Manila and a unit of the Universal Entertainment Corporation, will open an office in Tokyo with the aim of entering the domestic IR race.

    Okada Presents His Own View of His Arrest

    Gaming mogul Kazuo Okada has fired back at the allegations made against him by Universal Entertainment Corporation, calling the allegations “false and malicious” and part of “the latest attempt by UEC to harm [his] reputation.”

    Kazuo Okada Arrested in Hong Kong on Fraud Charges

    Japanese gaming mogul Kazuo Okada and an associate has been arrested by Hong Kong’s anti-corruption watchdog, according to a filing from Universal Entertainment Corporation.

    Universal Plans Organizational Realignment

    Universal Entertainment, the company behind Okada Manila, is planning an intra-group “organizational realignment” aimed at protecting its businesses from “unsuitable individuals.”

    Okada Not Yet Off the Hook for Fraud Charges

    Japanese gaming mogul Kazuo Okada is not completely clear of the US$10 million fraud charges filed against him, which is still subject to review from the Department of Justice

    Philippine Prosecutors Clear Kazuo Okada

    Philippine prosecutors in Parañaque and Makati cities have dropped all charges filed against Japanese gaming billionaire Kazuo Okada.