Tomonaga, Norio

    Company: Sasebo City

    Family Name: Tomonaga

    Given Name: Norio

    Party: Independent

    Role: Mayor of Sasebo City

    IR Stance: Advocate

    Profile: A long-term politician, Tomonaga worked his way through terms as Sasebo city councilman and prefectural assemblyman before his first election as mayor of Sasebo in 2007.

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    Sasebo Mayor Launches Fourth Term with Pledge of Proactive IR Support

    Sasebo Mayor Norio Tomonaga used the occasion of the launch of his fourth term on Tuesday to pledge his proactive efforts to gain an IR license at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park.

    Sasebo Mayor Cruises to Easy Reelection Win

    Sasebo Mayor Norio Tomonaga cruised to an easy electoral win over his single opponent, gathering 78.2% of the vote, and thus ensuring continuity in the city’s plan to make an IR bid at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park.

    Municipal Elections Approaching in Sasebo, Wakayama, and Tomakomai

    On Sunday, the official campaign period began for the second round of the Unified Local Elections, which will include mayoral elections in Sasebo and city council races in the cities of Sasebo, Wakayama, and Tomakomai, where debate over local IR plans is expected to be the top political issue.

    Huis Ten Bosch Agrees to Sell 30 Hectares to Future IR Operator

    Nagasaki has made a major step forward in its plans to bid for an IR license by forming a trilateral agreement between the prefecture, city, and the Huis Ten Bosch theme park operator regarding the precise location for the proposed IR.

    Nagasaki Pro-IR Business Leader Passes Away

    Kazuhiko Maeda, chairman of the Sasebo Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a key initiator of Nagasaki’s IR bid, has passed away at age 86 of heart failure.

    Nagasaki Forges Links with the University of Macau

    Sasebo Mayor Norio Tomonaga’s visit to the University of Macau at the end of last week highlighted the growing links between the two parties regarding the development of the IR industry in Japan.