Koike, Yuriko

    Company: Tokyo

    Family Name: Koike

    Given Name: Yuriko

    Party: Tokyoites First

    Role: Governor of Tokyo

    IR Stance: Unclear

    Profile: Koike was already one of Japan’s best known politicians before her dramatic campaign to become governor of Tokyo in 2016. She had previously served as minister of the environment and, briefly, as defense minister. Before she began her political career in 1992, she was a popular newscaster. She is also noted for having attended Cairo University and having worked for a time as an Arabic-Japanese interpreter.

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    Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike continues to send mixed signals on whether or not she intends to declare an IR bid for the Japanese capital, with observers on all sides trying to guess her intentions.

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    Despite Governor Yuriko Koike’s indication in January that she isn’t considering an IR bid for the former Tsukiji Fish Market site, numerous observers believe that such a bid is indeed quietly under consideration, either at Tsukiji or on Odaiba.

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    Backed by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and the Tokyo Medical Association, the "No Smoking Promotion Business Consortium” was launched on Thursday as the latest effort to bring Japan’s public policies on smoking in line with most other advanced nations.

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    Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has announced that 50 million yen (about US$460,000) in public funds is being budgeted in FY2019 for a major two-day eSports event in Tokyo. Both the venue and the date of the event remains to be decided.
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