Play’n Go: Trusting in the legacy

Play'n GO - Rich Wilde and The Amulet of Dead

At Play’n GO, giving MORE isn’t just a case of providing more games; we also want to provide the next level of entertainment for our suppliers and their markets.

That can mean innovating with new grid shapes or unique features with titles such as Gold Volcano and Reactoonz 2.

But sometimes, it isn’t just about the gameplay itself, but about developing the relationship the player has with our content, creating a connection with them that will leave a lasting impression.

Part of this comes from trust. People trust what they know and recognise, especially when it comes to their choice of entertainment. That’s why we invest in our stories’ intellectual properties, developing worlds and characters players want to experience over and over again.

Take two of our releases for April, Rich Wilde and the Amulet of the Dead and Fire Joker Freeze. Fearless explorer Rich Wilde is the star of many Play’n GO adventures, with a story interweaved through several games.

Players now know that they’re in for a great game and an entertaining journey when they see a Rich Wilde adventure. Because they trust our brand and the characters we create, they’re willing to invest their time on another Play’n GO experience.

The same goes for our second game Fire Joker Freeze. Our Joker Family of games has been highly popular within the market for years. This time it’s not about a particular character or the storyline, but people know that a Play’n GO Joker represents a simple classic slot experience combined with unique features based on the Joker. Each game brings a new twist, and players look forward to the latest instalment.

The industry is maturing, short term gains and ‘wow’ factors are no longer enough; it’s time to start planning long-term to keep your players connected to you.

At Play’n GO we’re not just about creating games; we’re creating legacies.


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