Interview with Tina Sablan: Regulators dropped the ball on IPI [video]

Interview with Tina Sablan: Regulators dropped the ball on

AGB Nippon Executive Editor Michael Penn speaks to CNMI opposition lawmaker Tina Sablan about the ongoing saga over Imperial Pacific International. The Democratic Representative in the Northern Marianas Legislature makes clear that she believes that CNMI regulators dropped the ball and that the entire way that the issue has been handled raises concerns about the possibility of corrupt behavior.

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Poor regulation undermines CNMI gaming industry

“As soon as we catch up on our cash flow, we will also catch up on payroll,” a spokesperson for the casino resort in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands told reporters.

IPI financial suitability questioned; license suspension or revocation possible

In a clutch of new developments in Saipan, the Commonwealth Casino Commission Chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero questioned Imperial Pacific International’s financial suitability to maintain its casino license, noting that should the license be suspended and sufficient remedial action not taken, the license may be automatically revoked,
Imperial Pacific International

IPI lawyer warns receivership could lead to full liquidation

Imperial Pacific International lawyer Michael Dotts has advised the federal court that putting the firm’s local assets into receivership could lead to a “full liquidation.”
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CCC director wants IPI license suspended, revoked if necessary

Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Andrew Yeom has asked the commissioners to suspend the casino license of Imperial Pacific International, which has racked up 16,165 regulatory violations. 
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Yumul denied license to become IPI CEO

The CNMI’s Commonwealth Casino Commission has rejected former CNMI Senator Ray N. Yumul’s application to be temporarily licensed as the CEO of Imperial Pacific International, citing the fact that the fees for the ninety-day license have yet to be paid.

CNMI Senate president appeals for IPI to be appreciated

Senate President Jude Hofschneider (R-Tinian) has asked fellow senators to not only focus on the faults of Imperial Pacific International, reminding them that IPI paid a total of US$204.8 million in taxes and fees from 2015 to 2018.

IPI won’t contest CNMI casino license suspension

Imperial Pacific International does not oppose having the Commonwealth Casino Commission suspend its casino gaming license, admitting its failure to pay the US$40 million Community Benefit Fund contribution in 2018 and 2019, and failing to pay the US$15.5 million annual casino license fee, as required by the Casino License Agreement. Meanwhile, it has been acknowledged that Ray N. Yumul is not yet legally recognized as IPI CEO in Saipan.

IPI pays its employees in Saipan

Imperial Pacific International has finally gotten its payroll payments up to date, at least in regard to those employees still residing in Saipan. 

IPI chairwoman again found in contempt of court

The US District Court for the NMI has found Imperial Pacific International Chair Cui Li Jie in contempt of court in one case, while assets of the firm face liquidation in another case.
Cui Li Jie

IPI chairwoman again under threat of jailing

Imperial Pacific International Chairwoman Cui Li Jie is again living under threat of jailing, being accused of both failing to comply with a subpoena as well as perjuring herself in earlier testimony.