Three Airports Part of MGM’s “Osaka Only” IR Bid

In their first joint press conference since announcing their partnership in March, MGM Resorts and Orix Corporation clarified that all three regional airports—Kansai International Airport, Itami Airport, and Kobe Airport—will be associated with their consortium’s bid to build an IR at Osaka Yumeshima.

Orix has operated Kansai Airports since December 2015, and Kansai Airports President Yoshiyuki Yamaya was a career Orix executive.

The Kansai representative of the Orix Group, Toyonori Takahashi, stated, “The Kansai has a variety of tourist destinations, and through cooperation with the three airports, visitors to the IR can be sent to various parts of western Japan.”

Also new at the press conference was the explicit acknowledgement that MGM’s “Osaka First” policy has now become an “Osaka Only” policy. It is Osaka or bust for this major Las Vegas operator.

Within the partnership, it will be Orix that takes the lead in dealing with government organizations and the Japanese business community. (AGB Nippon)