Cashless Gaming and Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Casinos

Cashless gaming, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition technology will reshape casinos, but regulation will remain a key hurdle for years to come, said a panel of experts in Las Vegas last week.

On the topic of facial recognition technology, Tom Jingoli, executive vice-president and chief commercial officer of Konami Gaming, said that facial recognition technology currently plays a large part in their casino management system, but that there were still significant regulatory hurdles to overcome.

When asked about the use of artificial intelligence and facial recognition to identify a players’ propensity to bet, and their movements across the casino floor, David Lopez, president and CEO of AGS, said that this was not a problem from a technical standpoint, but said there are hurdles to overcome from regulators and operators.

He noted that these technologies may be seen in casino cruise ships and tribal casinos before it will be seen in casinos in Las Vegas.

Jingoli added, “People can just pet on their smartphones. They don’t want to walk and line up at a betting window.” (AGB)