US Federal Government Sues Imperial Pacific Over Harassment Charges

Imperial Pacific is being sued by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on allegations of sexual and verbal harassment by the company’s high roller clients.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Northern Marianas.

The company “violated federal law by subjecting female employees to sexual harassment, other sex-based discrimination, and retaliation,” the commission said in the lawsuit.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Counsel Regional Attorney Anna Y. Park also alleged that the hostile work environment became intolerable and caused many of the claimants to be discharged.

Park also stated that defendants subjected claimants to unlawful retaliation by threatening to terminate those who engaged in protected activities, reduced their breaks, imposed additional work duties, and/or discharged them. She said staff members working at a temporary casino facility were required to swim in bikinis with male patrons while being subjected to repeated touching, sexual comments, and pressure to have sex with clients.

“Sex harassment remains a persistent problem,” said Park. “Employers should be mindful of their responsibility to create a discrimination and harassment-free work environment and should not be fostering a workplace that allows verbal and physical sexual abuse and harassment.”

The woman who brought the original complaint quit the company in 2016. (AGB)