Imperial Pacific in Trouble Over Casino License Payment

Imperial Pacific International is in hot water with the Saipan government for paying only a third of its US$15 million annual casino license renewal fee, which was due on August 12, 2019.

Governor Ralph Torres told the Saipan Tribune over the weekend that he had received information from the Commonwealth Casino Commission that Imperial Pacific had only paid US$5 million so far. With the casino company “delinquent in their payments,” Torres noted that his administration is right now in the process of determining a legal and proper response.

On Monday, Executive Director of Commonwealth Casino Commission Edward Deleon Guerrero filed a complaint against Imperial Pacific for failing to pay its tax obligations. Guerrero told local reporters that Imperial Pacific had fifteen days to pay its tax obligations in full, as well as an additional US$500,000.

“We have issued a complaint today that is going to the commission. That is the way we’re going to enforce this. Now Imperial Pacific has fifteen calendar days to cure the deficiency,” he said.

In his complaint, Guerrero said that he may also impose a fine of US$50,000 on Imperial Pacific for violating the license terms.

According to the casino license agreement, delayed or partial, or non-payment of the annual license fee constitutes a breach in the agreement, which could result in license suspension or revocation. (AGB)