Makinohara Drops Out of IR Race

Makinohara city’s seven-month campaign to make an IR bid has come to an abrupt end after finding that the Shizuoka prefectural government, whose support is a necessary condition to move forward, has taken an uncooperative stance towards the city’s proposal.

While the Shizuoka prefectural government did not explicitly reject the Makinohara city government’s proposal to build an IR in the Oyori area, it indicated that it would take more than three years to provide any budget for the initiative, effectively wrapping the plan up in red tape in order to quietly kill it.

Makinohara Mayor Kikuo Sugimoto understood the signal he was being sent and has withdrawn his IR initiative: “The schedule assumed by the prefectural government was more than twice as long as the schedule proposed by the city,” he explained.

Mayor Sugimoto further made clear that there would be no revival of the plan to bid for an IR unless the fundamental attitude of the prefectural government changes. (AGB Nippon)