Anti-Casino Group Holds Rally in Wakayama

A group called the “Kainan Association Against the Wakayama Casino” held a study meeting on the 10th at the Kainan Sports Center, not far from the IR candidate site at Marina City.

Kainan city lay to the south of Wakayama city. Although the proposed Marina City location is administratively within the jurisdiction of the Wakayama city government, the railway access to the area and one of the two main roads runs through Kainan city.

About seventy citizens gathered for the anti-casino event, which featured Professor Teruo Sakurada of Hannan University as its main speaker.

Among other reasons for opposing the construction of an IR, it was pointed out that traffic in the area would likely increase significantly, and that the environment for safe child-rearing would be degraded. (AGB Nippon)