Pachinko Player Base in 2018 Reaches 9.5 Million

According to the Leisure Report 2019 released by the Japan Productivity Center on July 18, the scale of leisure market was estimated at 71.9 trillion yen (approximately US$658 billion), a figure that has increased by a mere 0.1% year on year.

This is due to the pachinko/pachislot market shrinking by 700 billion yen (approximately US$6.4 billion) during that time. However, the calculation without this figure reveals that the rest of the leisure market has grown 1.6% year-on-year, and it is experiencing its fifth year of consecutive positive growth.

The pachinko/pachislot market in 2018 shrunk 3.3% year-on-year to a scale of 20.7 trillion yen (approximately US$191 billion). The total number of pachinko players has increased by 500,000 to a total of 9.5 million people.

The average player engaged in pachinko approximately 28.5 times a year, and their average annual spending was 81,800 yen (approximately US$758).

The Leisure Report 2019 targeted men and women from across the nation aged 15-79 and presented over 100 leisure activities to survey. It was conducted online in January and February of this year, with a total number of 3,326 applicable responses. A pachinko player was defined as anyone who had played once or more in 2018, and the player base was estimated based on this and participation rates.

The survey targeted pachinko specifically and did not inquire about playing habits regarding pachislot. (Amusement Japan)