Pachinko Industry Revenues Declined 4.7% in 2018

Daikoku Denki, the manufacturer of a pachinko store management system, has estimated that the pachinko industry’s gross revenue was 20.7 trillion yen (US$190 billion) in 2018, declining 4.7% from the previous year.

Gross profit was 3.38 trillion yen (US$31 billion) in 2018, declining 4% from the previous year. Daikoku Denki made these announcements on July 11.

The term “gross profit” in the pachinko industry is equivalent to ‘gross gaming revenue ’ in casino industry, meaning that, in fact, the market size of pachinko in Japan is smaller than the casino industry in Macau.

There are about 4 million pachinko and pachislot machines in Japan. This means that machine winnings per unit per day is around US$21. That is one tenth of a US’s slot machine’s performance. In 2017, the average gaming machine in the United States generated about US$200 in revenue per day. (Amusement Japan)