Survey: 10.15 Million Pachinko and Pachislot Players in 2018

In early February, a large-scale online survey of users of pachinko, pachislot, and publicly managed gambling was conducted in a joint effort by Amusement Press Japan, Entertainment Business Institute, and Sees, surveying men and women nationwide aged 18 to 79.

An online survey was given to 31,240 men and women from across the country, ascertaining their pachinko and pachislot habits over the past twelve months (with survey weighting applied to a distribution ratio for age and gender based on the national consensus).

The results of the survey revealed that in the past year, the ratio of the population who had played a pachinko or pachislot games at least one time was 10.5%. This is an estimated 10.15 million people, a number 1.16 million higher than in the previous survey last year.

Looking at the two games individually, the ratio of people who engaged in pachinko was 9.4%, an estimated 9.11 million people. For pachislot, the figure was 7.1%, or 6.85 million. The number of players of both games increased in comparison to the previous year; however usage frequency and average usage time have both decreased, which indicates shrinkage in the market.

The ratios of other forms of leisure that involve elements of gambling were: horse racing 9.9%; boat racing 4.1%; bicycle racing 3.6%; motor racing 2.9%; and various types of lottery at 30.4%. (Amusement Japan)

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According to information released by the police, there were 10,060 pachinko halls nationwide at the end of December in 2018, 5.1% fewer than in the previous year.

The industry gross revenue of all pachinko halls is estimated at just under 3 trillion yen (about US$27.8 billion).