Addiction Prevention Measures Investigation to Begin This Fiscal Year

The Organization for the Sound Development of the Pachinko & Pachislot Industry (ODDSPI) held their regular employee session on June 6, with the organization reporting on the progress in the implementation of investigations on gambling addiction prevention measures. These investigations are due to begin this fiscal year.

The presentation of the “Basic Plan on the Promotion of Gambling Addiction Prevention,” which was approved by the Cabinet on April 19, has been pushed back for final revisions, and the investigations will begin once the basic plan is laid out.

This is in response to the “Request for Investigation on Status Checks for Hall Addiction Problem Measures” released by the 21st Century Association of the Pachinko and Pachislot Industry. The request included inspections on all domestic pachinko halls concerning the correct placement of addiction prevention posters within their confines. ODDSPI approved of the investigations in January, and in March revised their articles of incorporation to make way for implementation.

The target number of pachinko halls to have their amusement machines and coin counters inspected is currently set at 1,500. Amusement machine functionality inspections will continue to be held regardless of the new items to be checked. (Amusement Japan)