Lawrence Ho: Crown Acquisition Will Help Melco’s Japan Bid

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho says that their recent acquisition of shares in Crown Resorts will help to accelerate their bid for a Japan casino license.

Ho was speaking at a special media roundtable on Tuesday in Macau, where he also expressed optimism for Macau’s gaming revenue growth this year.

The Macau gaming operator has had his eye on the Japan gaming market for some time, previously calling it a “priceless opportunity” and adding that it would be willing to do everything possible to secure a license.

“The priority right now, of course, is Japan, and anything that will help us in Japan… From Melco’s perspective, it’s really a continuation of our expansion globally that we’ve been doing from the last two years,” said Ho, quoted by Macau Business.

“Japan is our ultimate goal, and everything that we’ve been building for the last few years is really to build up a strong showcase with the Australian and the London asset I think it continues to accelerate our push for Japan,” he added.

The company purchased a 20% share in Crown Resorts last week. (AGB)