Osaka Political Leaders Attack IR Policy Delay

Osaka’s main political leaders publicly attacked the national government’s decision to delay the issuance of regulations for the IR bidding process, describing it as both bad policy and weak politics.

The IR Implementation Act has already been passed, so what is the point of this delay?” demanded Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui in a Twitter post. “If the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Communist Party want to campaign against it, then the answer is to meet them with bold public arguments. IRs are needed for Japan’s tourism policy and so should be realized at an early juncture.”

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura added at a Wednesday press conference: “If the national government does not set the basic policy, we cannot complete our own selection policy. Since Osaka is making its own preparations, we request the government not to delay. Osaka’s schedule has not changed. We still want the IR to open before the 2025 World Expo.” (AGB Nippon)