East Japan Pachinko Association Elects Yoshio Nakamura for Sixth Term

The East Japan Pachinko Association (EJPA) held its ordinary general meeting on May 8 at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

Elections for key positions within the association were held in accordance to the end of term, with Yoshio Nakamura being re-elected for his sixth term as board chairman by the board of directors following the general meeting.

During his opening comments, Nakamura touched on the issue of undervaluing the quality of work required to be performed by pachislot supervisors, showing his concern about the current reality that, “there are non-regular employees who do not have the technical skills required to perform maintenance. While being able to perform a wider variety of tasks both cheaper and quicker can be considered applaudable, the reality is that it has become a major contributor towards our loss of trust.”

“It is necessary that we create a specialized third-party institution to conduct technical training and implement a testing system, as opposed to doing it in-house as the EJPA has done in the past. By introducing full-time instructors and an educational curriculum, and with the cooperation of the Japan Association for Pachislot Related Businesses (Nichiyukyo) and the Japan Pachislot Manufacturers Association (Nikkoso), we would like to establish this institution as a specialized place of learning,” said Nakamura in regard to a new initiative for combating this issue.

In a business report for FY2018, the number of applications (both issued and/or confirmed) seeking approval in relation to the distribution of used pachislot machines was reported to be slightly lower than the previous year, with 187,583 applications over 291,044 machines. (Amusement Japan)