Woman Arrested for Aiding Osaka Casino Shooting Suspect

At the end of April, Osaka police announced that they had arrested a woman on charges of assisting Shinichi Igawa—the South Korean national of unknown occupation whom police have identified as the shooter of two other men at an illegal internet casino in Osaka—to evade arrest.

The woman, identified as Sora Kim, 32, is said to be a South Korean national with no fixed address or known employment. Police suggested that she loaned her car to Igawa, knowing that he was on the run, in order to help him slip to police dragnet.

Igawa remained at large for more than a month before police finally caught up with him.

During the early morning hours of March 11, Igawa allegedly shot an employee of the illegal internet casino Bar Five in the head and a customer in the stomach, before fleeing the scene on foot. (AGB Nippon)