Tomakomai City Council’s Pro-IR Forces Strengthen

In the wake of the elections last Sunday, the political forces within the Tomakomai City Council that support Mayor Hirofumi Iwakura and the city’s IR bid have strengthened their hand.

Specifically in relation to the approach of the IR debate, two political caucuses have decided to merge to create an 8-member caucus, which will become largest within the city council, in order to more effectively support Mayor Hirofumi Iwakura’s city administration.

Overall, the mayor will have two other caucuses behind him for a total of 15 allied city council members, which is a majority within the 28-seat chamber.

So long as this remains the case, the Tomakomai city government should be free to openly and proactively campaign for its IR bid both to the prefectural government and to the people of the region. (AGB Nippon)