Osaka Metro Planning Facial Recognition System and Driverless Trains by 2024

When the anticipated Yumeshima IR opens its doors in 2024, visitors might be able to travel to it on an Osaka Metro system which allows them entry without presenting any tickets or smartcards, and conveyed by trains without human drivers. This was part of the vision unveiled by Osaka Metro President Hideaki Kawai at a press conference last Friday.

Osaka Metro’s revised medium-term business plan calls for the establishment of facial recognition systems and platform safety gates at all of its 133 stations. Commuters who preregister with their photographs in advance will be able to enter the station and board the train automatically and charged their fare according to a new system. No other train or subway system in Japan has proposed such plans before.

In fact, one pending issue to be resolved is how to deal with commuters who transfer from or to train lines operated by other companies.

The driverless train system is envisioned as an attraction associated with the 2025 World Expo on Yumeshima and will later be expanded to the rest of the network. (AGB Nippon)