Melco Deploys Facial Recognition Technologies with Eye on Japan

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho has revealed that his company is now making widespread use of facial recognition technology as part of its responsible gaming efforts. The system is meant to ensure that those people who should be excluded from the casino floor are in fact being denied entry.

“We are the first operator in Asia to deploy real-time facial recognition at every entrance to our gaming areas in Macau, and we are rolling out the next generation of MelGuard to protect our guests in the Philippines as well,” Ho explained in a promotional video released on Tuesday.

He added, “Our proprietory system is fully future-proofed to integrate with Japan’s MyNumber ID scheme.”

Melco first unveiled its intention to use its MelGuard system in Japan in January 2018 and it has been a prominent feature of its marketing campaign, with guests at its offices in Tokyo and Osaka invited to test the system.

Ako Shiraogawa, president of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Japan, told AGB Nippon at that time, “Since we are not yet running an IR in Japan, this is the best we can do to show our commitment to the Japanese stakeholders.” (AGB Nippon)