Osaka Government Retains Its Leadership Team

The Ichiro Matsui and Hirofumi Yoshimura leadership team has been retained by the voters of Osaka, though they have now switched offices—Yoshimura will be governor and Matsui will be mayor.

The outcome of the prefectural assembly and city council elections, which are also crucial to local government policy going forward, had not yet been called by the late evening on Sunday.

If the Osaka Restoration Party, which Matsui heads, can cobble together a functioning majority in the Osaka Prefectural Assembly, then it should be smooth sailing, politically-speaking, for the current plans to construct the Yumeshima IR on the hoped-for 2024 timeline.

Matsui and Yoshimura faced a serious challenge from two Liberal Democratic Party candidates who were backed by a coalition of all other political parties, but once again they demonstrated their mastery of the local political scene. As a result of their maneuver of switching offices, they have both won fresh four-year terms. (AGB Nippon)