Genting “Cautiously Optimistic” about Japan IR Bid

Genting Singapore has made a rare statement about its intentions in Japan in its recently issued Annual Report 2018.

Executive Chairman Lim Kok Thay stated, “We are cautiously optimistic about leveraging on our experience in winning the IR bid in Singapore back in 2006 that led to significant tourism growth, in order to do the same in Japan soon. The IR industry in Japan is expected to be a stringently regulated one, so we are hopeful that our track record of operating in a very tightly regulated environment in Singapore will give us an edge over our competitors in the Japan IR bid.”

Genting Singapore is the only major international IR operator interested in the Japan market that has been completely uncooperative with the news media—both Japanese and foreign—holding no press conferences and refusing to answer even the most basic questions about their activities within the country.

Nevertheless, it is known that Genting Singapore opened a Japan office in 2017, and last year legally established a number of Japanese subsidiaries. Most indications have been that Genting is aiming for one of the major urban markets and will not bid for a regional IR. (AGB Nippon)