EY Japan Again Selected Wakayama IR Advisory Firm

EY Japan, which conducted last year’s RFI process, was once again the only firm that applied to become IR advisor to the Wakayama prefectural government and it therefore won the public tender process for the longer-term contract.

The contract has a budgetary limit of just over 285 million yen (about US$2.6 million) and is to last until the end of March 2022.

The three-year task was described as, “to offer specialist knowledge of the financial, budgetary, legal, and technical aspects in order to assist this prefecture in obtaining certification from the central government (such as the formulation of implementation policies, public offering and selection of IR operators, creation of regional improvement plan, etc.)”

The announcement of EY Japan’s selection came last week.

In related news, the Wakayama prefectural government has announced that the manager of the IR Promotion Office is now appointed to the role exclusively and that the number of attached staff has been increased, effective April 1. (AGB Nippon)