Hokkaido Gambling Addiction Council Holds Nation’s First Meeting

The Hokkaido Gambling Addiction Countermeasure Promotion Council held its first meeting last Thursday at the prefectural government office, with topics such as the procedures for status checks on gambling addiction in the prefecture discussed among council leaders. The current plan calls for a total of six meetings to create the provisionally titled “Gambling Addiction Countermeasure Promotion Plan.”

The council was established on March 1 of this year in accordance with the central government’s Gambling Addiction Countermeasure Basic Law (passed in July 2018) with the objective to promote comprehensive measures against gambling addiction. The council is comprised of entities in the fields of insurance, medical care, welfare relations, universities, research, policing, and education, as well as self-help groups, rehabilitation facilities, support establishments, other related companies and entities deemed suitable by the prefectural health and welfare director. The 26 members of the council include the Hokkaido Police Headquarters and the Sapporo Area Amusement Business Cooperative Association.

Hokkaido, which has consistently considered for an IR bid, is the first municipality in Japan to hold a council meeting, and the prefecture will continue its efforts at IR promotion planning. It is expected that other prefectures will follow suit in establishing similar councils and holding regular meetings. (Amusement Japan)