Sega Sammy’s Paradise City IR Set to Open Indoor Amusement Park

The Paradise City IR in Incheon, the joint venture between Sega Sammy Holdings and South Korean resort operator Paradise Group, has announced that the indoor amusement park “Wonderbox” is set to open to the public this coming Sunday.

The new 3,900 square meter entertainment facility will focus on family-friendly carnival-style games and rides, including a bungee drop, a Ferris wheel, and much more. It is set in a permanent nighttime atmosphere.

Paradise City, located close to Incheon International Airport, includes a casino which by Korean law can only serve foreign visitors. The non-gambling aspects of the IR—including luxury hotels, a Korean-style spa, art displays, restaurants, etc.—are aimed at the Korean public as well. It is hoped that Wonderbox will attract an increasing number of Korean families to the IR.

Paradise City opened in April 2017 and it is gradually opening new sections of the development. It sits on a substantial 330,000 square meter plot of land. The opening of Wonderbox is considered to mark the completion of the first phase of Paradise City’s construction. (AGB Nippon)