Melco Promotes Diversity with Women’s Forum

Melco Resorts & Entertainment hosted the Melco Women’s Forum on Wednesday as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts to promote diversity and gender equality in gaming and the community.

Ann Osman, Malaysia’s first female professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, who was voted one of Time magazine’s Next Generation Leaders; and Julia Morley, chairman and chief executive officer of the Miss World Organization, were keynote speakers.

“Initiatives for women have always been at the forefront of Melco’s Corporate Social Responsibility,” said Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho. “Embracing diversity is one of Melco’s guiding principles and we strive to be an equal opportunity employer. We are thrilled to be joined by today’s guests as inspirational women in influential roles to raise awareness of women’s issues, and look forward to implementing further women’s initiatives to benefit our colleagues and the community.”

Forum panelists included Karuna Evelyne Shinsho, an independent non-executive director on Melco’s board; and Kanako Date, Miss Japan 2018. (AGB)