1,500 Pachinko Halls Subject to Addiction Prevention Inspections

The Organization for the Sound Development of the Pachinko & Pachislot Industry (OSDPPI), acting in its role as an aid promotion body, has decided to re-select the 38 groups subject to on-site inspections.

The decision was made at the OSDPPI regular board meeting on March 11. Furthermore, under the condition that an amendment to a section of the Articles of Incorporation be approved at the extraordinary meeting of employees, a decision was made to set up an operational summary of the administrative procedures for the “inspections to confirm the status of addiction prevention measures.”

In addition to game machine and counting machine inspections, the organization will investigate addiction prevention measures as part of their pachinko hall on-site inspections for FY2019. The target number of properties to be inspected has been set to 1,500.

In the “Basic Act on Measures Against Gambling Addiction” released by the Gambling Addiction Countermeasures Promotion Council on March 7, it is stated that OSDPPI shall start inspections on the status of addiction prevention measures. (Amusement Japan)