Two Men Shot at Illegal Internet Casino in Osaka

A man entered an illegal internet casino in Osaka’s Minami district early Monday morning and immediately opened fire with a revolver, shooting an employee and a customer, seriously wounding both of them. Police believe that the intent of the suspect was murder.

The suspect fled from the scene—possibly barefoot according to security camera footage—and remains on the run, but police have identified him as Shinichi Igawa, a South Korean national of unknown occupation.

The illegal internet casino is called Bar Five, and police have closed it down.

Separately, on the 9th, police in the same Osaka Minami district conducted a bust of a different illegal internet casino called Max. The manager, two employees, and two customers were arrested on the scene. Police estimated that the monthly revenue of this internet casino was 1.5 million yen (about US$13,600). (AGB Nippon)