Sega Sammy’s Baccarat Gaming Machine Thriving at MGM Casinos

Sega Sammy Creation announced that it successfully installed its “Baccarat Maximum Fortune” gaming machine at MGM Macau on January 23. This follows the debut the same variety of machine at MGM Cotai last June, indicating that it has been well-received.

Baccarat Maximum Fortune is a standalone electronic gaming machine based on the game of baccarat, one of the most popular casino games in Macau.

Last June, at the time of the MGM Cotal debut, Sega Sammy Creation Vice-President Takahiko Jindo stated, “With this game we are excited to introduce to fans of baccarat, a new style of baccarat, and to also bring in new fans to the exciting world of baccarat. We plan to expand this product in Macau and across Asia.”

With the latest installation at MGM Macau, Deputy Managing Director of Sega Sammy Creation’s Sales Division Masahiro Kurosaki adds, “We had a great start with this product since its launch.” (AGB)