Wakayama Launches Public Tender for IR Advisory Firm

Last Thursday, the Wakayama prefectural government launched a public tender for an advisory firm that will help guide it through the IR licensing process until the end of March 2022.

The three-year task is described as, “to offer specialist knowledge of the financial, budgetary, legal, and technical aspects in order to assist this prefecture in obtaining certification from the central government (such as the formulation of implementation policies, public offering and selection of IR operators, creation of regional improvement plan, etc.)

The budgetary limit is just over 285 million yen (about US$2.6 million).

Bidders for the contract must inform the prefecture of their intention to participate by February 21 and submit their full bids by March 20.

Last year, the auditing firm EY Japan was selected for a 25 million yen (about US$225,000) advisory contract to conduct the prefecture’s RFI process. In that case, there were no other advisory companies that had joined the bidding.

Also in Wakayama, Asia Gaming Brief, together with HOGO, is hosting an IR seminar on February 19. The event, which will be powered by the Wakayama Chamber of Commerce, will bring together IR operators, local academics, chamber leadership and chamber members. The goal of the event is to educate the local business sector on the IR industry, while also promoting the benefits to the local private sector. (AGB Nippon)