Makinohara Mayor Supports IR Bid

Makinohara Mayor Kikuo Sugimoto announced at his regular press conference last Thursday that he supports the IR bid that has been proposed by local businessmen in his community, thus confirming that this small municipality in Shizuoka Prefecture is also in the IR licensing race.

“It’s a great opportunity to create energy,” Sugimoto explained, noting the that the area’s low land prices, rich nature, and clear view of Mt. Fuji provide it with a competitive advantage.

As for the candidate location, the mayor added, “We are exploring possible development areas around the National Route 473 bypass connecting Shizuoka Airport and Omaezaki Port,” where dozens of hectares of land are likely available.

Sugimoto plans to spend most of February and March consulting with local community leaders and then make a formal request to the Shizuoka Prefectural Government by the end of March to support the bid.

One point which is not clear is whether or not Makinohara’s bid is tied to the proposed consortium led by Get Nice Holdings of Hong Kong and the Shotoku Rinaldo Corporation, or if the mayor intends to open up the process to other bidders.

In its filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last month, Get Nice Holdings claimed that “the election committee of Integrated Resort office of Makinohara-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, has officially issued the letter of confirmation to Shotoku Rinaldo Corporation on 3 October 2018, and Shotoku Rinaldo Corporation is the only candidate nominated by the committee to submit and present the IR Project (including a casino business) in Makinohara-shi to the state government of Japan.” (AGB Nippon)