Hideaki Omura Reelected Aichi Governor

Hideaki Omura was easily elected to a third term as Governor of Aichi Prefecture on Sunday, trouncing a challenger backed by the Japan Communist Party.

Omura was backed not only by the ruling coalition Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito Party, but also by the largest opposition force, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

Now that he is past the election, many observers expect that Omura will soon clarify his support for an IR bid from Tokoname city at its Chubu Centrair International Airport location.

The main complications for the Tokoname bid are offered by Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura, who is likely to back an alternative plan within the same region. As Nagoya is one of the twenty designated cities of Japan with considerable independent power, Omura’s authority as governor to restrain the mayor is quite limited. (AGB Nippon)