Five Major Pachinko Companies Hold Joint Gambling Addiction Training

Facing more serious pressure from policymakers and the public in the wake of last year’s legalization of casino gambling, five major pachinko companies came together in Tokyo on Wednesday to show their joint commitment to combatting gambling addiction.

Top executives of Dynam, Maruhan, Himawari, Niraku, and Yumeya, along with about sixty of their employees, gathered at the head offices of Dynam and listened to a lecture from Naoyuki Nishimura of the Resourceful Center of Problem Gambling.

Similar events have been held by some of the companies separately on previous occasions, such as the lecture last August given by Nishimura to almost five hundred of Maruhan’s pachinko parlor managers, so the main purpose of this event appears to have been to garner increased media attention and to publicly signal the seriousness of industry leaders in grappling with the social problems associated with addiction that had largely been ignored in the past. (AGB Nippon)