Solar Energy Forms Major Element of Melco’s Osaka IR Proposal

Solar and wind energy will feature prominently in Melco’s “City of the Future” IR design proposals to the government of Osaka, according to statements made by Chief Marketing & Brand Officer and Executive Vice-President Frederic Jean-Marie Winckler in an interview with the Sankei Shinbun.

Indicating that Melco’s Osaka design plans are already significantly advanced, he added, “We are pursuing consultations with Japanese companies over the supply of facilities.” It will not only be major firms involved, but also small- and medium-sized Japanese companies that will be tying up with Melco. Specifically, Winckler noted that “on the walls of the IR will be glass-like solar energy panels upon which video images can be displayed.” Wind power facilities will also be included in the City of the Future design, which will be submitted when the Osaka government conducts its RFP process.

At the beginning of this month, Melco announced a similar initiative in Macau in which it said that it was working to develop Macau’s largest solar array, involving the installation of over 18,000 solar photovoltaic panels covering close to 30,000 square meters of rooftop space at the City of Dreams and Studio City IRs. (AGB Nippon)