Melco Reaffirms Interest in Major Urban Markets

Melco Resorts & Entertainment CEO Lawrence Ho recently reaffirmed that his company is most interested in large metropolitan locations, not the smaller regional markets.

Speaking at the preview of more non-gaming attractions for his Macau IRs, Studio City and City of Dreams, Ho noted that there have been rumors that Yokohama in the Kanto region may be interested in hosting a resort, which he said would “be very appealing,” though he added the region and its mayor have not really expressed an opinion. “For now Osaka is the only one to put up its hand and aggressively push ahead,” he concluded.

Ho also reiterated his view that developing an integrated resort in Japan would be a “priceless opportunity,” and that the company would be willing to do everything possible to secure a license.

Ho added that Melco’s unique selling point will also be its access to the Chinese player: “Our track record, entertainment, focus on premium guests and our huge China database, not that we won’t track guests from other parts of the world, but we do have a big China base and what is going to drive Japan’s tourism growth is going to be its closest neighbor.”

As for Macau, Ho also revealed that the Studio City resort is ready to proceed with the second phase of its development, which will feature more non-gaming entertainment, including a giant water park. (AGB)