Geographical Proximity Not Factor in IR Licensing

Wakayama Prefecture has revealed that it continues to be told by the national authorities that its proximity to Osaka Yumeshima will not stand against it when it comes to the selection of the three municipalities to be granted IR licenses.

According to Wakayama’s account, a question was put to central government officials once again at an explanation meeting held on the 11th in Nagoya: “Will there be a bias based on regional selection?” they asked.

“There is not a standard of bias based on region,” came the answer, “From the point of view of the national government, our goal is to make Japan an advanced tourism nation, and we will choose up to three IR sites with that public policy in mind.”

While some analysts have assumed that Wakayama’s proximity to Osaka Yumeshima will effectively count it out as a serious candidate for one of the three available IR licenses, the Wakayama Prefectural Government has been trying to stand that logic on its head, instead arguing that having two very different kinds of IRs within the Kansai region will instead have a synergetic effect that will greatly benefit both of them, as well as the nation.

To date, the central government has repeatedly assured Wakayama that their proximity to Osaka will not be counted as a negative factor against them. (AGB Nippon)