Kintetsu Eyes Express Train Service between Yumeshima and Nara

A fourth railway company has proposed linking its trains to the anticipated Yumeshima Station. Kintetsu Railway floated a scheme over the weekend to create an express train service between Yumeshima, the future home of Osaka’s IR, and Nara, one of the ancient capital cities of Japan and a major tourist destination.

The express service would utilize three train lines—the Kintetsu Nara Line, the Kintetsu Keihanna Line, and the Osaka Metro Chuo Line—in order to make its journey. The Osaka Metro is already moving forward with an extension of the Chuo Line from its current terminus at Cosmo Square Station to the planned Yumeshima Station.

Kintetsu’s plan does face some significant technical hurdles, however. A crossover between the Nara Line and the Keihanna Line will need to be constructed near Ikoma Station. The problem is that these lines have different methods of feeding electricity to their trains, so new vehicles will have to be developed that can utilize both systems.

Aside from Kintetsu, the other three railways which have proposed direct links to Yumeshima are the aforementioned Osaka Metro, JR West, and Keihan Holdings. (AGB Nippon)