Foreign Tourists Spent More than US$41 Billion in 2018

Foreign tourists visiting Japan spent a record 4.5 trillion yen (about US$41.5 billion) during the course of 2018, according to a preliminary estimate by the Japan Tourism Agency.

Almost 31.2 million foreign tourists visited Japan, which was up 8.7% over the 2017 figure. Average local spending was 153,000 yen (about US$1,420) per person. By nationality, Chinese have become the highest-spending tourists in Japan,

The number of foreign tourists has set new records year after year, and the government has aimed at attracting more than 40 million tourists in the Olympic year of 2020. This target is now looking entirely plausible in light of the growth rates.

Last year’s passage of the IR Implementation Act was portrayed by government representatives mainly as a tourism promotion measure, with an increase in per capita spending particularly in mind. (AGB Nippon)