Macau Government Still Analyzing Gaming License Refreshment

The Macau government is still currently analyzing a technical report which would help determine their approach to the refreshment of Macau’s gaming concessions.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Secretary for Economy and Finance Leong Vai Tac said the government will announce the results the analysis in due course.

The government is also heeding opinion voiced from various sectors in the community, he added.

According to Leong, factors to consider when considering the possible refreshment of gaming rights will include whether the path would help Macao achieve its goal of becoming world center of tourism and leisure, and whether it would help maintain Macao’s competitiveness internationally and regionally.

Leong also added that the government will be working to ensure Macao still produces stable gaming sector revenues in 2019 in light of recent trade friction between the United States and China, possible interest rate rises, and other issues affecting the world economy.

Leong said that if gaming revenues for 2019 showed a slight improvement compared to 2018, he would consider that a good performance under the circumstances. (AGB)