Mie Governor Eikei Suzuki to Launch Reelection Campaign

Mie Governor Eikei Suzuki, 44, is expected on Thursday to formally launch his campaign for a third term as Governor of Mie Prefecture. His victory is probably a political precondition for the city of Kuwana to make an IR bid, should the local municipality decide to do so.

Neither Mie Governor Suzuki nor Kuwana Mayor Narutaka Ito have yet made a decision on whether or not to accept Nagoya Mayor Takeshi Kawamura’s suggestion that Kawana’s Nagashima Spa Land should become venue for the region’s IR bid. It is, however, under active consideration, according to Mayor Ito.

Governor Suzuki will be facing at least one challenger in the April election. Kanako Suzuki, 79, a local politician backed by the Japan Communist Party and some citizen’s groups, had previously announced her gubernatorial bid. Considering her support base, a strongly anti-casino platform would be a matter of course for this opposition candidate.

Last November, when Nagoya Mayor Kawamura made his abrupt suggestion, Governor Suzuki expressed annoyance: “We were surprised to be cited as a candidate… Our prefecture has not taken an active stance toward making such a bid.”

He did not, however, entirely reject the possibility. (AGB Nippon)